Photo de François qui tient un bol Mizunami rempli de Matcha mousseux et un fouet en bambou dans ses mains


From the outset, it is a story of love at first sight. I was celebrating my birthday in a Japanese restaurant and I was offered a Matcha tea. The ritual, the fact that it was in a powder and not in a teabag, the froth and of course its unique flavour: I fell head over heels.

In the days and weeks to follow, I immersed myself in Japanese culture and discovered all the benefits of Matcha tea. It was clear to me that I simply had to share the treasures of this delicious tea back home. I searched. Long and hard. And I selected the best Japanese producers, those who offer superior quality Matcha tea, who produce exclusively 100% organic products in harmony with the natural environment.

As a daily consumer of Matcha tea, I quickly realised that drinking it transforms me little by little into an improved version of myself. I’m more alive, more energetic, more efficient and, at the same time, more “zen”. As someone who is quite stressed by nature, little by little, I experience the increasingly calming effect of my rituals and bowls of tea at breakfast and throughout the day.

Amazed by its rich, pure colour, the name I choose for my Matcha tea speaks for itself: IRO, which means “colour” in Japanese.

Today, you too can discover the best of yourselves. To order our Matcha tea, visit our store.

We are sure you’ll love it!

François, founder of IRO


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