My Ritual

Matcha tea is like no other and even its preparation ritual is unique.

It is above all a moment to enjoy by yourself or share with your guests. A moment of letting go, of calm and wellbeing that only lasts a couple of minutes but can change your whole day or afternoon.

Step 1


Take 2 Chashaku (bamboo spoons) of Premium Ceremonial Grade IRO Matcha tea.

Strain the powder through a little Matcha strainer into a bowl (this step is optional but strongly recommended).

Step 2


Pour in 10 to 15cl of simmering water of between 70 and 80°C (Caution: boiling water alters the flavour and destroys some of the health properties of Matcha tea).

Step 3


Whisk in a “W” movement with a Chasen (bamboo whisk) until you obtain a nice froth on the surface. You do this by making small back-and-forth movements with your wrist.



Drink it immediately and enjoy your IRO Matcha tea moment.

This brief and simple ritual helps to improve your health every day, thanks in particular to Matcha tea’s exceptionally high antioxidant content.


Matcha tea is a delicate, 100% natural product. Take care to close your IRO Matcha tin properly after every use and store it in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness and health benefits.

Once opened, we also recommend you seal the freshness pack inside the tin (e.g. with an elastic band) to prevent your Matcha tea from coming into contact with the air. In this way, it will keep better and for longer

Given that tap water is often very hard in European countries, we recommend using filtered water to prepare your IRO Matcha tea. In fact, water quality has a strong effect on the flavour of tea

To eliminate the taste of chlorine, given the chemical’s volatile nature, all you need to do is leave a jug of water in the fridge for twelve hours.

To obtain an even better result when preparing your IRO Matcha tea, we recommend pre-heating the bowl before starting by filling it with hot water, then wiping it carefully.

We also recommend pre-heating your bamboo whisk by leaving it in hot water for a few seconds.

Caring for your accessories is very simple. After preparing your Matcha tea, dry your Chashaku gently with a damp cloth and rinse your Chasen and your strainer under warm water.

You can leave your Chasen to dry on a towel or on a Chasen holder.

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