What is Matcha tea?

deux mains tiennent un bol vert de Matcha

Imagine getting to the very essence of green tea to extract only the very best of it. That is Matcha tea. The finest quality and purest tea leaves, carefully ground into a fine powder using stone mill grinders. The best of Japanese tea offering a full and subtle range of sweet, deep flavours. With grassy, floral, chocolatey and sometimes iodine notes.

Matcha tea is unique. It is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. What’s more, Matcha tea is renowned for its numerous health benefits: it is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, fibre and chlorophyll. Discover all the health benefits of Matcha tea on the My Health Benefits page.

Poudre de Matcha vert vif avec cuillère en bambou en arrière plan