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Organic Premium Genmaicha tea 80g

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A mix of toasted rice and green tea, Genmaicha is particularly popular in Japan for its characteristic sweet flavour of puffed rice.

IRO organic Premium Genmaicha tea is unlike any other Genmaicha tea.

Whilst traditional Genmaicha tea is produced from Bancha, a late-harvest tea, IRO Premium Genmaicha is made from a unique blend of organic Sencha tea from the first spring harvest and toasted, puffed organic rice.

This exclusive blend makes IRO Premium Genmaicha an exceptionally refined tea with a rounded, sweet flavour.

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Thé vert Sencha bio IRO Premium japonais de Shizuoka feuilles de thé et thé préparé

So who was the lover of fine quality Japanese tea who was crazy enough to use first-harvest Sencha in a Genmaicha tea? It was us!

IRO organic Premium Genmaicha tea is an exclusive blend of first-harvest, organic Sencha tea, grown naturally in the mountains of the Shizuoka region, and toasted, puffed organic Japanese rice.

Genmaicha is a very popular tea and is a good place to start when learning about Japanese tea, thanks to its particularly sweet and inviting flavour and pleasant, toasted notes.

IRO organic Premium Genmaicha is a tea to be enjoyed for a pleasant, comforting break or to accompany a meal or dessert.

From a health point of view, Genmaicha tea has the properties of Japanese green tea, i.e. it is high in antioxidants (polyphenols) that help neutralise free radicals and have positive effects on cardiovascular health, metabolism, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

The fact that it is half rice means it contains less theine (caffeine) than a pure green tea, so you can happily drink it throughout the day.

And to top it off, Genmaicha tea is totally calorie-free.

It can also be enjoyed as an iced tea for an original toasted and refreshing taste.

Brewing suggestions

Hot brew

Thé vert Genmaicha bio IRO Premium japonais de Shizuoka versé d'un kyusu dans une tasse avec une goutte qui tombe

For 1 person: brew 2-3 grams of Genmaicha (1 teaspoon) in 100-150 ml of water at 85-100 degrees for 30 seconds.

For more than one person, adjust the quantities accordingly and pour a little at a time moving from cup to cup until the very last drop to balance the flavour.

Fine quality Japanese green tea can be brewed several times using the same leaves. For a second brew, use 100 to 150 ml of water at 90-100 degrees and leave to brew for 30 seconds.

Cold brew

Thé vert Genmaicha bio IRO Premium japonais de Shizuoka versé d'un kyusu dans une tasse avec une goutte qui tombe

For a delicious homemade iced tea: 10 grams of Genmaicha in 1 litre of cold water.

Leave to infuse in the fridge (you can purchase special bottles for cold infusions) for at least 3 hours or preferably overnight.

Filter the tea (for example, with a Matcha tea strainer) and enjoy with our without ice.

You can then infuse the same tea leaves a second time with cold water for 12 to 24 hours in the fridge for a second, lighter infusion.

Tip: try different brewing methods, adjusting the proportions of tea and water according to your taste so that you really enjoy your Genmaicha!

The legend of Genmaicha

The legend goes that the origins of Genmaicha go back to the time of the samurai, when Genmai, one of the servants of a master samurai, accidentally poured grains of rice into his master’s tea. His furious master cut off his head to punish him for his mistake, but was later won over by the delicious flavour of this tea, which he called Genmaicha in tribute to his servant.

Others say that Genmaicha was invented by tea merchants in the 1920s to make the drink more accessible to the poorer categories of the population, given that rice was cheaper than tea.

Whatever its origins, Genmaicha tea is unique and surprising, popular among all generations and it will soon have you totally hooked!

Thé vert Sencha bio IRO Premium japonais de Shizuoka préparé dans un kyusu traditionnel

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