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Organic Premium Matcha Genmaicha Powder 100g

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Get ready for a new Matcha experience!

Make a uniquely flavored Matcha Latte with this exclusive powdered blend of first spring harvest organic Matcha tea and organic roasted rice.

This 100% natural powder can be mixed with the milk of your choice to make a Matcha Genmaicha Latte with the exquisite aroma of puffed rice and Matcha.

Discover a new kind of Matcha Latte but beware that it will almost certainly become addictive!

A 100g bag is enough to prepare about fifty Matcha Genmaicha Lattes.

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Tasse remplie de Matcha Genmaicha Latte sur une assiette bleue avec un fouet à Matcha en bambou à côté et le sachet de Matcha Genmaicha IRO

Have you already fallen in love with the enchanting aroma of Genmaicha?

You can now enjoy the same notes of puffed rice and popcorn in your Matcha Latte!

With the expertise of our Japanese tea master, we have created an exclusive blend of ceremonial grade organic Matcha tea from the Shizuoka region (100% from the first spring harvest) and organic Japanese roasted rice powder.

Through extensive research, we found the perfect Matcha tea, the ideal rice roasting recipe, and the magical balance between these two ingredients so that they complement each other perfectly.

There is no doubt that once you taste it, you’ll be hooked!

A Matcha with naturally sweet and toasted notes, ideal for hot or cold Lattes or to add to your favorite sweet treats.

As well as its unique taste, this drink has all the properties of top-quality Matcha: antioxidant and anti-ageing, gentle boost of energy and concentration, accelerates fat burning, strengthens the immune system, helps prevent cardiovascular disease and many other benefits for your health and well-being.

A New Matcha Experience

The unique combination of Matcha and roasted rice

Matcha Genmaicha Latte avec Latte Art dans une tasse tenue dans les mains d'un homme qui a une chemise brune

A unique blend

The unprecedented combination of organic Matcha tea from the first spring harvest, cultivated in harmony with nature, and perfectly roasted organic rice for a unique and simply delicious Matcha Latte.

Superior quality

Our Matcha Genmaicha powder maintains its 100% natural, vibrant green color even mixed with roasted rice because we refuse to skimp on quality, even in our blends.

Zoom sur la poudre de Matcha Genmaicha Premium bio IRO sur une planche en marbre

Health benefits

High-quality Matcha tea offers many health benefits: powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. It boosts the immune system and slows internal and external aging.

Energy and Memory

Matcha is a source of healthy, long-lasting energy while offering a sense of well-being and relaxation. Matcha is also excellent for memory and concentration.

How to prepare a Matcha Genmaicha latte ?

Matcha Genmaicha IRO versé dans un verre de lait avec glaçons pour réaliser un Matcha Genmaicha Latte glacé
  1. Take 1 teaspoon (about 2 grams) of IRO Matcha Genmaicha powder (or 2 Matcha bamboo spoons). Sift the powder using a Matcha tea strainer into a wide bowl or cup (if you don’t have a tea strainer, simply place the powder in the bowl or cup).
  2. Pour a little hot water (30 to 50 ml at 70-80°C) over the powder and take a moment to savor the delicious scent of puffed rice.
  3. Whisk with a bamboo Matcha whisk (or a battery-operated milk frother) until you obtain a smooth liquid without any lumps.
  4. Add the milk of your choice (which you can froth beforehand if you have the appropriate equipment) to obtain a tasty Matcha Genmaicha Latte. You can also use hot or cold (plant-based) milk, though for hot lattes, do not exceed 70-80°C to preserve the health benefits of the Matcha.
Main qui mélange un Matcha Genmaicha Latte glacé avec une paille dans un verre transparent

Other preparation options

  • Stop at step 3 by adding an additional 50 to 70 ml of water for a traditional Matcha tea without milk with the delicious flavor of roasted rice.
  • Treat your guests to an unforgettable Matcha and roasted rice ice cream.
  • Use Matcha in your sweet baked treats for a totally new flavor experience.
Thé vert Matcha Genmaicha en poudre bio IRO Premium japonais (face avant)

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