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Bamboo Matcha tea whisk (Chasen)

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A “Chasen”, or traditional bamboo whisk, is an essential accessory for preparing IRO Matcha tea. It enables you to mix your Matcha tea perfectly with the hot water and create a gorgeous froth on the surface.

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These whisks have to be expertly handcrafted. They are made from a bamboo cane that has been dried for at least 6 months in specific conditions. The bamboo is then split into fine strands, requiring great patience and precision. Each strand is then separated by a fine black thread.

You can keep this unique accessory on a Chasen holder, an additional element of beauty in the ritual of preparing your Premium Ceremonial Grade IRO Matcha tea.

To take care of your whisk, simply rinse it under warm water and leave it to dry on a towel or on your Chasen holder.

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Discover the preparation of Matcha tea

Préparation du thé Matcha Premium Ceremonial dans un bol ou le Matcha est fouetté avec le fouet en bambou avec la boite et les accessoires

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  1. Doan Nguyen

    You really need this if you want to have a smooth tasting Matcha! Definitely great and easy to use 🙂

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