Why IRO Matcha tea

There’s you. And then there’s the best of you. The you that you’ll never stop looking for your whole life. Radiating good health, harmonious and who knows how to enjoy him/herself.

To accompany you throughout this journey, IRO invites you to discover the benefits of Matcha tea, the superior quality green tea that strengthens your immune defences, improves your metabolism and helps protect against cancer and prevent obesity and diabetes.

This Japanese tea is simultaneously energising and relaxing, enabling you to stay focused for longer. Quite simply. You will quickly understand why Japan is full of people over a hundred.

Of all the Japanese Matcha teas, IRO Matcha tea has the most rigorous and uncompromising selection process. To enable you to discover the best of you, we first sought to find the best of Matcha tea.

Matcha tea is a daily ritual that allows you to take care of yourself. A ritual that is both short (two minutes) and greatly beneficial. A ritual that offers the best of Japan, a wellness break. 100% organic.

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